Rooftop in Brooklyn

I was looking through my photos and realized that I’d forgotten to blog about the last time I hung out with Katrina. She invited me to a rooftop party in Bushwick that she found out about via, a magical yet dangerous website. We met and had brunch at Willburg Cafe and caught up, and then proceeded to spend about 45 minutes searching for the party. When we first got out of the subway, we were delighted to see that the sidewalks had been chalked with directions to the barbecue.

Or so we thought. It turned out that those directions were for an entirely different shindig, so we turned around and walked back to the subway to start over again. It turns out that neither one of us are any good at directions. We had to go back to the map in the subway station four or five times before we figured it out. Maps is hard :(

Once we got there, it was interesting. In addition to the free keg beer and PBR that had promised, The New Pop was there filming a video for the Mariella Show. We were on the rooftop listening to music for a little while before it dawned on us that they were playing the same song over and over for the video shoot. Ooops! But then they went on to play several other songs.

the Mariella Show

Fun stuff. Later, we went to Daddy’s, where I proceeded to drink too much and acted like a twit. But let’s gloss over that, shall we? I also lost the cute Betsy Johnson shirt that I’d bought earlier in the day at Pirate Supplies.

Or did I?

I called the bar the next day, and thankfully they had found it and held it for me. Leslie: 1, World: 0. Or it was until I lost my portable hard drive the next week, so I guess it would technically be Leslie: 1, World: 1. Oh, well. Although the hard drive was more expensive, at least it was replaceable.

More photos after the cut.

Katrina, chilling

Katrina, chilling


Graffiti on the roof

View from the Rooftop

View from the rooftop